Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a service that we provide to all our website customers as standard, each site we create follows a basic strategy that we have developed with proven results.

As competition to be in the top ten of search engine results is fierce, many search engine optimisation companies have turned to unethical methods to get their clients there. Google, Yahoo and many other search engines have developed complex methods of detecting this and are now blacklisting these sites. We can optimise your site for high search engine results without using these unethical methods.

We achieve this with the implementation of good SEO practice involving many on-page and off-page factors. We work closely with our clients to ensure every website is search engine friendly, fully indexed and well ranked for selected key terms and phrases.

To evaluate every project, our service starts with a free, no obligation detailed Search Engine Optimisation review of your website. This allows us to propose a SEO campaign that will best fit with your requirements. It also allows us to propose an acurate quote.

Latest Work.....

City Wharf Apartments

Search Engine Optimisation » City Wharf Apartments

The team at City Wharf Apartments liked the look of their site but were a bit baffled that it did not appear very high in any of the major search engine results.

We were tasked with analysing the site and finding out where it was going wrong. Although the site looked appealing some of the functions did not work and search engines were having a hard time finding the content on the pages. After determining what was wrong with the site we set about putting things right. We re-wrote each page optimising for search engines and ensuring that everything complies with strict world wide web consortium standards. Although the site looks the same now the code for each page is completely different.

Within just a week of these changes being made the site started to climb the search engine rankings. We are constantly making changes and working with City Wharf Apartments to ensure that it continues to climb.

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