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Number 7 club asked us to design a content focused site that would answer any questions that their prospective customers may have. They also wanted the site to be easily found on the web.

The club has already created a stir within Aberdeens entertainment industry and has proved that it is here to stay. They wanted to have a web presence that confirmed this.

Many of the clubs competitors have been on the web for many years and have firmly taken the top spots with the search engine rankings.

With this in mind we built the site focusing on search engine optimisation and a clean look.

After just one week of the site going live we managed to get the site in the top twenty search results for most words and in the top ten for the others. One month on and we now have all top ten results with some searches giving us first place. Within the following month we aim to push the site closer to the top and ensure that the content is kept up to date.

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