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Unight Aberdeen is a partnership of Aberdeen night venues, Grampian Police Aberdeen Council and Safer Aberdeen. The aim is to make Aberdeen a safer place to have a night out.

We were asked to design a new site for the initiative to highlight Unight Aberdeens purpose and to identify its members and partners. We chose a dark theme as the initiative is aimed at Aberdeens evening pub and club trade. The site needed to be informative so news is displayed on the home page alongside the mission statement.

We used microformats to display the news in a human and machine readable format. This will help with site indexing and allow Google to build a better picture of the sites content. A large page footer was also added to show all members and partners links no matter what page you are viewing. This large area enabled us to use a large graphic to highlight the link for the "contact us" page as many visitors to the site would be there solely for contact information.

Our SCMS content management system was added to allow the appointed administrators access to update news, add and remove members and partners and change any of the text on any of the pages.

The site was commented on at the latest Unight Aberdeen board meeting where it seems all members were happy with the finished website.

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