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Modern Image is the brainchild of James Kelly a well known photographer in Aberdeen. The website was run for a year back in 2006 however the site itself held back the concept as each gallery had to be manually created each night. Back then the site had many followers who enjoyed finding the photos of themselves from the night before. Unfortunately the concept was well planned but the website and staff were unable to cope with the workload and so the site crumbled.

Our own Blair Nichols came on board with James at the beginning of 2009 to re-establish the site and build it to what it is now. The image upload and gallery creation is all done with a custom Content Management System (CMS). This makes the whole process for the photographers much quicker and they can get the photos up the same night they are taken.

In the first month the site was relaunched it had an average of 10,000 hits per day and an overall of 210,000 hits.

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