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The Office Bar located on Crown Street Aberdeen asked us to design a sleek, smart and functional website to compliment their business. They needed to be able to add content on a weekly basis and update some of the pages themselves so we decided to utalise our powerfull yet user friendly content management system (SCMS). We designed a gallery system and included an upload function in the admin area so they could add images themselves.

They also wanted a mailing list added but needed different lists for the different customers interests. We solved this by allowing the site visitors the choice of which lists they wished to sign up to. Coupled with an easy to use admin feature, the staff at The Office Bar are able to quickly create and send out newsletters and keep their customers updated with what football games are showing that week.

The client is happy with the site and it continues to grow with more content added weekly, new features have already been suggested and we hope to add them soon. We will be keeping a close eye on the site to make sure that it continues to climb up the google search results.

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