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Web Design » W3G Marine Ltd

W3G Marine Ltd came to us with a company logo and an idea for their website. We used their ideas as a starting point and created a simple, informative website. We used the latest web standards including HTML 5, CSS 3 and mircostandards. To make the website stand out we created 3D animations of wind turbines and displayed them using Flash.

The web site has been optimised for search engines, we expect to get high results within the first month.

Web Design » Epidote Ltd

Supreme was asked to redesign Epidote Ltds website and add a content management system so that they could could manage their software updates and make them available to their existing customers.

The new site has been optimised for all the major search engines and should be seeing high results within a few weeks.

Epidote can now easily add news, product downloads and create user accounts as required.

Web Design » Unight Aberdeen

Unight Aberdeen is a partnership of Aberdeen night venues, Grampian Police Aberdeen Council and Safer Aberdeen. The aim is to make Aberdeen a safer place to have a night out.

We were asked to design a new site for the initiative to highlight Unight Aberdeens purpose and to identify its members and partners. We chose a dark theme as the initiative is aimed at Aberdeens evening pub and club trade. The site needed to be informative so news is displayed on the home page alongside the mission statement.

We used microformats to display the news in a human and machine readable format. This will help with site indexing and allow Google to build a better picture of the sites content. A large page footer was also added to show all members and partners links no matter what page you are viewing. This large area enabled us to use a large graphic to highlight the link for the "contact us" page as many visitors to the site would be there solely for contact information.

Our SCMS content management system was added to allow the appointed administrators access to update news, add and remove members and partners and change any of the text on any of the pages.

The site was commented on at the latest Unight Aberdeen board meeting where it seems all members were happy with the finished website.

Web Design » SR Autotints

Scott from SR Autotints wanted a website to promote his window tinting business. Until now he has relied on word of mouth and social networking sites to get clients.

The new site answers commonly asked questions and lists the benefits of tinting your windows. We also added a gallery to show previous work and highlight the quality of his work.

Web Design » Beluga Bar

Beluga Bar on Aberdeens busy Union Street contacted us to design and build a temporary website to get them noticed on the web. SEO (search engine optimisation) was a key factor rather than the aesthetics in the initial design as this website will only be used for the next few months.

Web Design » Pat McGuire Car Sales

We were asked to build a simple website for Patrick McGuire car sales to offer a web presence and allow cars to be displayed online. We used our SCMS(supreme content management system) to manage the sites content and created a section where cars could be added or removed from the site.

The next stage is to promote the site on the web to allow local car buyers and dealers to find the site and check the current stock of cars.

We also supplied a customised user manual for the administration area with screenshots.

Web Design » Lochside Bar

We were challenged with building a fun, friendly and yet informative website to promote the Lochside student bar.

The site needed to be easy to navigate to display up and coming events, news, bar information and articles. We decided to add a games arcade and links section to help the students take their minds off studying once in a while.

A few more sections are planned for the future. At the time of launch the students were all away for the holidays - we hope to promote it during freshers week.

Web Design » Modern Image

Modern Image is the brainchild of James Kelly a well known photographer in Aberdeen. The website was run for a year back in 2006 however the site itself held back the concept as each gallery had to be manually created each night. Back then the site had many followers who enjoyed finding the photos of themselves from the night before. Unfortunately the concept was well planned but the website and staff were unable to cope with the workload and so the site crumbled.

Our own Blair Nichols came on board with James at the beginning of 2009 to re-establish the site and build it to what it is now. The image upload and gallery creation is all done with a custom Content Management System (CMS). This makes the whole process for the photographers much quicker and they can get the photos up the same night they are taken.

In the first month the site was relaunched it had an average of 10,000 hits per day and an overall of 210,000 hits.

Web Design » Aberdeen City Centre Hotel

The brief for Aberdeen City Centre Hotel was simple. Create a website to encourage bookings and use SEO techniques to get the site found. We used the colours of the hotel walls and the vertical lines of the rooms headboards as inspiration and went from there.

The site links directly into our Hotel Booking System and provides online booking.

We used James Kelly Photography for the internal photographs to ensure high quality images.

Web Design » Enigma Bar

Enigma Bar needed a new sleek, black, white and red website to tie in with their corporate identity. They wanted it to attract new customers and provide somewhere for their regulars to view a gallery. We came through and even implemented an iTunes coverflow styled gallery. We added a news page and information on each of the bars sections.

A newsletter function with mailing list is currently being added to the site and should be live soon. This like all the websites content can be controlled by the Content Management System (CMS) we have installed.

Web Design » Chubby Bags

Chubby Bags design, manufacture and supply multi purpose colapsable containers for the oil and gas industry. Their products are cutting edge and replace many of the oil industrys traditional containers. Because of this they needed their existing website redesigned so that perspective clients could find out why they should make the switch.

The site uses 3D animation to display the advantages of the many products Chubby Bags supply. This coupled with product pages and industry safety and specification information provides all the information required. This allows the staff at Chubby Bags to point clients to the website as a first port of call and spend less time on the phone relaying information to clients.

The site features many of our services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), 3D Animation and is controlled with our Content Management System (CMS).

Web Design » Blue Britain

One of our sister companies "Blue Britain" needed a website, so naturally we were given the task. Blue Britain is a digital advertising company so needed a site that would be easy to find on the web and would give information on the service they provide. The site needed to be clean and as content had to be added weekly a Content Management System (CMS) seemed like the obvious answer.

Each page can be edited by the team at Blue Britain without the need for us to get involved. They can also add images and news to the site themselves.

As the company grows new sections will be added to the site with full content control via the content management system.

Web Design » The Office Bar

The Office Bar located on Crown Street Aberdeen asked us to design a sleek, smart and functional website to compliment their business. They needed to be able to add content on a weekly basis and update some of the pages themselves so we decided to utalise our powerfull yet user friendly content management system (SCMS). We designed a gallery system and included an upload function in the admin area so they could add images themselves.

They also wanted a mailing list added but needed different lists for the different customers interests. We solved this by allowing the site visitors the choice of which lists they wished to sign up to. Coupled with an easy to use admin feature, the staff at The Office Bar are able to quickly create and send out newsletters and keep their customers updated with what football games are showing that week.

The client is happy with the site and it continues to grow with more content added weekly, new features have already been suggested and we hope to add them soon. We will be keeping a close eye on the site to make sure that it continues to climb up the google search results.

Web Design » Number 7 Club

Number 7 club asked us to design a content focused site that would answer any questions that their prospective customers may have. They also wanted the site to be easily found on the web.

The club has already created a stir within Aberdeens entertainment industry and has proved that it is here to stay. They wanted to have a web presence that confirmed this.

Many of the clubs competitors have been on the web for many years and have firmly taken the top spots with the search engine rankings.

With this in mind we built the site focusing on search engine optimisation and a clean look.

After just one week of the site going live we managed to get the site in the top twenty search results for most words and in the top ten for the others. One month on and we now have all top ten results with some searches giving us first place. Within the following month we aim to push the site closer to the top and ensure that the content is kept up to date.

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