Supreme Online Hotel Manager Screenshots

Our online hotel booking system uses a password protected user login system. Passwords are encripted using our own algorithm making it exceptionally hard for unwanted visitors to gain access, yet quick and easy for those with a valid username and password.
The hotel availability matrix shows bookings in an easy to view grid with customer names and number of guests in brackets. Clicking on a customer name will take you straight to the booking information. The summary grid at the top shows at a glance total occupied rooms and how many guests are arriving and departing each day.
The view month availability matrix shows a full months availability on one page.
Information popups enable you to access room information at a glance without leaving the booking matrix.
The clients page allows you to quickly search for existing clients and view/edit their details or make a new reservation. New clients can also be added to the system using the form on the right hand side.
The 'Quick Search' feature searches as you type, this feature vastly speeds up the search process on the client and bookings pages.
The report overview allows you to compare reservation numbers to income, average room rates, average occupancy and bookings taken each month. There is also a print version of this data.
Reports are displayed with both a bar chart and a data grid to show both a graphical representation and exact figures. A print view is also available for all reports that features your header and footer images.
The date comparison feature allows you to view and compare results from selected periods in one easy to understand graph. Trends can then be viewed both graphically and with the figures at the bottom of the page.
With our easy to use built in newsletter system you can quickly create and send out an email newsletter to all your existing clients. The email newsletter can contain HTML and styling using the built in rich text editor.
The settings section allows you to enter your contact details, add/delete and edit administrators, view admin logon sessions, perform system backups, add a header and footer image that will be displayed on all printouts and set currency, tax rates and style settings.

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