Supreme Online Hotel Manager Features

stand alone

Once installed on your server the Supreme Hotel Booking System can be used as a reservations system without a front end website.

easy to integrate

There are many ways our system can be integrated into your existing website. We have a booking system front end that can be styled like your website or we can create a bespoke system to integrate it seamlessly.

browser friendly

We have designed our booking software to work exactly the same in all of the major browsers including: Internet Explorer 7 + 8, Firefox 3.4+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome as well as most smart phones. We aim to create a iPhone and smartphone app in the near future to allow you to use our booking system when you are on call or away from the office.

simple to install

Our easy to use built in installer does all the hard work. Upload the files to your server then navigate to the directory you saved them in, our installer will guide you through the rest. It really is that simple! Our installer even checks everything as it is created to ensure that there are no problems.

access from anywhere

As the Supreme Online Hotel Manager is web based it can be accessed from anywhere with a computer and a active internet connection.

basic requirements

Supreme Hotel Booking System only requires PHP5 and mySql to run. These basic requirements are basic features usually included with most hosting packages, even those on shared servers.

one off cost

We charge a one time fee or a fixed monthly rate depending which package you choose, thats it, we do not charge a booking fee. Some of our competitors charge a lower instalation cost and a small booking fee, typically between 1-5%. This will add up in a very short space of time. We only charge additional fees for custom modifications to our software or for updates. We do not charge for bug fix updates.

easy to use

Our booking system has been designed from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. We use the latest programming languages and functions to make tasks like taking a booking or moving a guest between rooms a doddle. Each task within our booking system has been custom coded to be secure, fast, easy and reliable. This ensures total confidance in our product, when a booking is made you can be sure that the details have been saved and there is no chance of a double booking. We have tested and refined our booking software with a wide range of users to ensure that anyone with little or no training can use the system. Anytime an action that ammends, adds or deletes data is made the user will be informed so they can be sure that it was completed. When a user attempts to remove a booking or delete any data confirmation of this action will be asked for from the system.


Our easy to understand reports section displays data simply. Find out occupancy by day or month, average room prices by day or month, bookings taken by month, reservations made by month and income by month. Our simple to read report overview gives you all this information in table form with a handy print view version also available.

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