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Content is king

An overlooked component of most websites that we see at the moment is the content. Site owners need to be thinking "Why is a user visiting my site?". Usually the answer is to find out information on you, your product, your company or the subject that the website covers.

When a new website is created often this is to serve one of these requirements and initially content is added and updated. We have noticed after the novelty of a new site has worn off the updates seem to become few and far between.

Don't fall victim to website content neglect! Set aside an hour a week to check your content, write a news article or update your links. Routinely update your web browser and test your websites features and forms. Users are more likely to use your company or buy your product if your website has up to date content and contact details that work.

A content rich up to date website will get better hits due to higher search engine results. And this in turn will lead to a higher conversion rate of visitors to customers!


Wordpress for web design companies

We have noticed while looking at our local competitors websites and those that they have designed that many companies are using wordpress to power their web sites. Some web design companies are even using pre-made skins purchased from one of the many wordpress skin stores. While we do believe that wordpress is a powerful system with many great plugins we do not believe that it is the best option for many of the sites that we have seen. To us it seems like an easy way out, download wordpress, purchase a skin, add or purchase premade modules, add logo and content then sell as your own.

While this maybe a way to turn out cheaper websites quickly in response to the ever growing array of Indian web design companies filling the UK web design directories we feel it cheapens the market both in price and quality.

Would it not be better to explain to clients that spending a little bit more with a UK company will get you a better product and aftersales?



In an effort to stay ahead of the game we have coded our latest website using HTML5. We also plan to make the move on our own website starting today.

Although the HTML 5 standard is not fully supported in all modern web browsers its main benefits are. Arguably the biggest feature is the video tag allowing video elements to be placed directly on a page without plugins or 3rd party programs, this is currently not supported but soon will be. We are more interested in the semantics of the new web standard allowing pages to be indexed and read quicker and more accuratly.

By coding our new sites in HTML 5 now we believe that it will save our clients time and money when other standards become depreciated.



We are currently going through our own site and re optimising it as there seems to be a few changes to SEO trends since we last had a look at it. We will also be adding a new products section where we will have information on our various software products. We aim to grow this section in the next few months as we launch a further 3 planned products.



This week along with the completion of a few website projects ( and we have been revisiting The first site was designed with its main focus on search engine optimisation as the competition was already well established. Now that is ranking well with Google and the other major web search engines its time for a redesign to make the site graphically pleasing. We hope to have the new website launched next week with a few new features including some Facebook integration.


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