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have 'Microsoft' called you?

We have had many customers telling us they have had Microsoft call them and offer to fix problems on their computer right there and then. Be warned this is not Microsoft it is infact a bogus company trying to get your data and as much money as they think you will part with. If you get a call from 'Microsoft' or any company calling you offering to fix your machine take their details and explain that you are too busy and you will call them back. Chances are you will not here from them again as thay will not be able to provide you with a contact number.

If you have a computer virus, problems browsing the web, web pop-ups warning you of infections or errors or if you suspect anything on your computer use a local repair company. If you are local to Aberdeen either give us a call on 01224 515080 / 07717598841 or contact Tech Rescue on 01224 622312 or via their web site


We are currently working with local business to design and build their new ecommerce website that will sell their beautiful hand made beeswax products. It is the first website we have built using our new shopping cart system so fingers crossed all goes well. More information on our new e-commerce shopping cart can be found here


We have recently completed work on two websites and At present information is only displayed for aberdeen accommodation properties but we intend to have a new city added each month to make it a valuable web resource.

If you or anyone you know runs a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse point them to the web site where they can register for free or confirm existing details.


Low cost online shopping cart

With the rise in competition from both foreign companies and even some local Aberdeen web design companies offering shopping cart systems at very low prices we have decided to not jump on the band waggon. These other companies are rebranding cheap or free shopping cart systems as their own. While some of the web based systems they are rebranding are good most have too many features and lack even basic security.

We have designed our own software with the minimum of features to make it simple and robust for our users to operate. We have invested a lot of time on the security on our system with just a few extra precautions left to add.

We understand that new businesses or those testing out a market do not have a lot of money to work with and that is the main reason they go with foreign web design companies. So, once completed we hope to be able to market our web based shopping cart system for around £500 with a custom designed store front end, hosting and domain name. We may posibly do an even cheaper version with a choice of premade designs to choose from. This could be upgraded at a later date.

2010 SEO

Recently we were asked to perform our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services on dog boarding based in Yorkshire. As we had not origionally written the website we were chalanged with working on top of someone elses work. We have changed each page and have worked in basic html, its seemed odd yet refreshing as we usually work in PHP and with database driven content. The file system was also changed, image names updated, old unused files removed as well as many other SEO tricks. We hope to get this site into the top spot for its targeted keywords within the next month.

Working with just basic HTML has given me an idea for a new site I am working on. More news on this coming soon!


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