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Low cost online shopping cart

With the rise in competition from both foreign companies and even some local Aberdeen web design companies offering shopping cart systems at very low prices we have decided to not jump on the band waggon. These other companies are rebranding cheap or free shopping cart systems as their own. While some of the web based systems they are rebranding are good most have too many features and lack even basic security.

We have designed our own software with the minimum of features to make it simple and robust for our users to operate. We have invested a lot of time on the security on our system with just a few extra precautions left to add.

We understand that new businesses or those testing out a market do not have a lot of money to work with and that is the main reason they go with foreign web design companies. So, once completed we hope to be able to market our web based shopping cart system for around £500 with a custom designed store front end, hosting and domain name. We may posibly do an even cheaper version with a choice of premade designs to choose from. This could be upgraded at a later date.


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