Articles » Toshiba Fingerprint Utility says duplicate records already exist

When I upgraded my Toshiba Tecra A10-104 from Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 my fingerprint logon feature along with all my other Toshiba bundled applications needed to be reinstalled. Because I had done a full format clean installation I presumed everything was wiped, this was obviously not the case. The Windows 7 install went without error or fuss and all the Toshiba applications, drivers and features I chose to install also appeared to be fine upon installation. That was until I was prompted to enrol my fingerprints into the Toshiba fingerprint utility. The popup asked me to choose a finger then prompted me to scan it three times for practice then three times to save, I did this and then it claimed "Duplicate records already exist". I was confused as I thought I had formatted the C: and D: drives wiping ALL data. I then guessed that the fingerprint data must be hidden in the boot sector. As it already had my data I tried to lock the computer then use my finger to gain access, this did not work. I then thought that as my fresh install had new user accounts this could be the problem. Logging on as Admin and opening the fingerprint utility with admin privliges made no difference and I was still unable to update my fingerprints or use the fingerprint logon. While logged in as admin I ran the utility and clicked to run with admin privlages, the program restarted and I saw the import/export menu. I exported the settings for all users then closed the program restarted the machine and then ran the utility again as admin and imported the settings. The other menu items were instantly available and I was able to enrol my fingerprints. I logged off and then was able to log in using the fingerprint scanner! Result.

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