Articles » 10 Things You Should do Before Calling Technical Support

Often its the simplest of things that cause computer problems and nearly always expensive on site repair bills can be avoided by doing a few checks yourself. Here are our top 10 Things You Should do Before Calling Technical Support:

1: Check everything is plugged in and that extentions have power.
Sounds simple right? But many of our on site repairs are due to unplugged items or faulty extension sockets. Plug a known working appliance like a lamp or hair dryer into sockets and extentions to test. Also take out and reconnect all power cables to ensure they are properly connected.

2: Check equipment is turned on and power lights are lit.
Make sure that all power switches are on. Most PC's have one button on the front and a rocker switch at the top of the rear panel. Many older printers also have a similar setup with a power button on the front/top and a rocker switch on the back panel. Most equipment will have a red or green light that will be lit to show it has power.

3: Restart
You guessed it, turn it of then back on again. Many problems including connecting to the internet can be fixed with a simple restart.

4: Have you recently installed or added something?
Removing or re installing a program or application that is causing you issues can replace missing or corrupted files.

5: Check your anti virus programs.
Update and run any anti virus programs you may be using or install and run one if you have not got any protection. Most companies offer a free lightweight version of their software, this is generally more than adequate.

6: Are your disks full?
Is the problem due to low disk space? Clean up your files, empty the recycling bin, backup data to disk and remove from your system or add additional storage. A program like cCleaner can do this for you, visit our downloads page for a link.

7: Problem connecting to the internet?
Restart both your computer and router. This may resolve any conectivity issues or DHCP related clashes.

8: Remove anything you dont want others to see.
Embarased about what others may think? Have secrets? Dont want others to see what sites you have been looking at? Run a program like ccleaner and delete browsing history and temporary internet files to keep your secrets safe and avoid embarrassment.

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