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Microsoft Outlook How to leave email messages on your email server

Whenever you receive an email the data will be sent to your email server. This email server may be a free service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL or a private email service from a hosting account such as Fasthosts, 1and1 or Heart Internet. Inicialy the email data will be sent and saved onto your email server, from there one of three things will happen: Outlook connects to your email server and you will be able to view your email messages. The email data remains on the server. Outlook connects to your email server and downloads a copy of the email data to your...full article

Toshiba Fingerprint Utility says duplicate records already exist

When I upgraded my Toshiba Tecra A10-104 from Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 my fingerprint logon feature along with all my other Toshiba bundled applications needed to be reinstalled. Because I had done a full format clean installation I presumed everything was wiped, this was obviously not the case. The Windows 7 install went without error or fuss and all the Toshiba applications, drivers and features I chose to install also appeared to be fine upon installation. That was until I was prompted to enrol my fingerprints into the Toshiba fingerprint utility. The popup asked me to choose a finger then prompted...full article

Display latest Twitter tweets with PHP

Earlier this year we wrote an article showing a PHP function to display latest Twitter tweet. While that works well for displaying a single tweet we recently needed to display the latest 5 Twitter tweets on our website. The code below shows a simple way to do this. < ?php $doc = new DOMDocument(); # load the RSS document, edit this line to include your username or user id if($doc->load('')) { # specify the number of tweets to display, max is 20 $max_tweets = 5; $i = 1; foreach ($doc->getElementsByTagName('item') as $node) { # fetch the title from the RSS feed. # Note: 'pubDate' and...full article

10 Things You Should do Before Calling Technical Support

Often its the simplest of things that cause computer problems and nearly always expensive on site repair bills can be avoided by doing a few checks yourself. Here are our top 10 Things You Should do Before Calling Technical Support: 1: Check everything is plugged in and that extentions have power. Sounds simple right? But many of our on site repairs are due to unplugged items or faulty extension sockets. Plug a known working appliance like a lamp or hair dryer into sockets and extentions to test. Also take out and reconnect all power cables to ensure they are properly connected. 2: Check equipment...full article

Decreasing boot time in Windows XP with minlogon

Minlogon is a component from Microsoft XPE (XP embedded) that bypasses the regular XP startup and login procedure and speeds up boot up time. It can be implimented very quickly and for installations that are used by just one user or where a quick boot up is required it is ideal. I recently used this on a car PC installation that needed a small footprint and more importantly a very fast bootup. It does this by running XP as a system account as standard without the user logon screen and associated sytem. In my experience with various PC configurations this has speeded...full article

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